Wacky Jack O’Lantern Polycarbonate Cup


Not only are these wacky Jack O’Lantern neon polycarb cups perfect for this year’s Halloween celebrations, but they are also indestructible, washable, and reusable… making them readily available for many Halloween’s to come. Anyone would love being served their cocktail or beverage in these fun themed glasses. Perfect for all ages! This cup is neon and will glow under a black light. So spice up your next Halloween celebration with these fun themed cups! Available in 570ml or 14 ounce sizes

Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high performance plastic which possesses a special balance of toughness, dimensional stability, optical clarity, and a high heat resistance.

  • Capacity: 570 ml or 14 ounce
  • Measures (570ml): 6.25″ tall x 3.5″ rim diameter
  • Measures (14oz): 5.75″ tall x 3.25″ rim diameter
  • Neon glows under black light
  • Indestructible, washable and reusable

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