50 – 3 Chamber Bomb Shots


These exciting new 3 Chamber Bomb SHOTZ® are the new way to serve up shooters that will have everyone talking! The patented 3 Chamber Bomb SHOTZ® provide a new twist on the previously popular Jager Bomb shots; with three chambers for endless liquor and chaser combinations. The chambers are molded with plastic dividers, keeping each liquor and/or chaser separate until consumed. Traditional bomb shots are wasteful with a lot of cleanup and can increase your chances of breaking glass. These Bomb SHOTZ® are small, lightweight, plastic and disposable- perfect for serving up shots all while showcasing the shot ingredients in a fun, eye-catching way.

These plastic Bomb SHOTZ® are the smart way to serve up specialty shots- the bright color displays well when serving and they are easily disposable. The inner shot chamber holds a 7/8oz pour and the two outer chambers combined hold 2 1/4oz of liquor or mixers. The Bomb SHOTZ® have ridged sides for easy handling. Sold in packs of 50 with four color options available.

Our 3 Chamber Neon Bomb SHOTZ® were designed with innovation in mind- knowing that each bar and nightclub could come up with its own signature shooter recipe. 

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